Fresh Breeze Inspired By Nishane Hacivat


Fresh Breeze, inspired by Nishane Hacivat, is a chypre fragrance suitable for both women and men. It
combines the vibrant top notes of Grapefruit, Pineapple, and Bergamot with a heart of Patchouli, Cedar,
and Jasmine. The base notes include Woody Notes and Oakmoss, adding depth and character to the
The inspiration behind Fresh Breeze draws from the captivating interactions between individuals found
in every culture. This fragrance pays homage to proficiency, sophistication, and a deep appreciation for
the art of perfumery.

Fresh Breeze, inspired by Nishane Hacivat, is a versatile fragrance that suits every season, helping you
exude a classy and luxurious aura. It boasts a refined and clean scent, opening with a smoky citrus burst
and a subtle hint of pineapple in the background. The citrusy freshness is complemented by jasmine,
which adds a touch of powdery softness. This unique combination makes the dry down particularly
Fresh Breeze, inspired by Nishane Hacivat, offers a modern and universally appealing aroma. It paints a
mental picture of sipping a pina colada in a tropical downpour, surrounded by warmth and anticipation
for the rain to subside. With excellent longevity and projection, the notes are perfectly harmonized. It's
an excellent choice for spring and summer, and it can also transition well into the fall. Whether for daily
wear or leisurely activities, Fresh Breeze is a fantastic companion.
We offer this perfume in one format:
Perfume Spray: Our 50ml spray bottle is sturdy, sober and easy to use. It is made with EDP
concentration so that it lasts longer.
Perfume Spray – Concentration: 40%
(Eau De Parfum)
Sillage & Lasting:
Sillage: Medium
Lasting upto: 8-12 hours (measured in standard atmosphere)


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Fresh BreezeFresh Breeze Inspired By Nishane Hacivat