Primitive Pristine inspired by Issey Miyake


Primitive Pristine inspired by Issey Miyake is a fresh and woodsy scent for men. It's like a soothing
experience. It starts with notes of cypress, bergamot, mandarin, and other fragrances that make you feel
refreshed. The middle part combines saffron, nutmeg, and other scents for a warm, cozy feeling. The
base includes tobacco, amber, and other aromas that stay with you. This fragrance is like a tranquil
journey into nature.

Primitive Pristine begins with a citrusy note from Yuzu, like a lemon but fruitier. It adds some earthy
tones with vetiver and sweet mandarin. Over time, it becomes spicier with the smell of sandalwood,
which is more masculine. It's a fresh and complex fragrance that embodies Japanese elegance.

This fragrance, Primitive Pristine, is a classic and bright choice. It keeps you feeling fresh and confident
for a long time but not too strong. It's best for spring and summer and works for everyday wear or
leisure and work.
We offer this perfume in one format:
Perfume Spray: Our 50ml spray bottle is sturdy, sober and easy to use. It is made with EDP
concentration so that it lasts longer.
Perfume Spray – Concentration: 40%
(Eau De Parfum)
Sillage & Lasting:
Sillage: Medium
Lasting upto: 8-12 hours (measured in standard atmosphere)


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primitive pristinePrimitive Pristine inspired by Issey Miyake